About the Super Delegates FC Supporters' Committee

The Super Delegates FC Supporters' Committee consists of 7 members, who represent all of the major constituencies amongst our supporter base.

During the meetings, the committee will discuss the issues and ask the questions that most affect them and the fans they represent. 

Minutes from each meeting will be published online within seven days of the meeting ending.

Initial aims 

  1. To establish a forum for supporters to communicate directly with the club in a structured manner.
  2. To help the club better understand the issues that most affect and concern our fans.
  3. To give the club an opportunity to explain the thinking behind key decisions.
  4. To enable fans to play a key role in helping the club achieve success on and off the pitch.
  5. To provide a greater degree of transparency about key issues that affect supporters.

Long-term aims 

  1. To enhance the relationship between Super Delegates Football Club and our supporters.
  2. To help ensure fans feel their loyalty is valued by Super Delegates Football Club.
  3. To help improve Super Delegates Football Club for the benefit of all supporters.

Role of Committee 

As an elected member of the Super Delegates FC Supporters' Committee, each individual has a duty to liaise with fans from the group they represent and ensure they best serve their interests in meetings with the club and the owners.

Each of the 7 members is contactable via email and WhatsApp and they are able to provide feedback and take questions from the fans they represent, as well as share updates after each meeting. 

You can receive updates on the work of Super Delegates Supporters’ committee on Facebook and or Twitter

SDFC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations and Memberships are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. 

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