The mission of Super Delegates Football Club is to promote soccer throughout Maryland and to build a supportive, learning environment where kids can develop their soccer and life skills.  Soccer is the basis for teaching honor, integrity, cooperation, commitment, and goodwill through victory and defeat. SDFC Academy aims to provide our players with the highest level of soccer, training/coaching, and facilities. SDFC Academy strives in every word, action, and need to become a leader in the development of youth soccer players by continually raising the standards of players and coaches in our communities.  It is our aim that each player develops a passion for the game that provides him or her with a lifetime of playing, watching, and loving soccer.




Super Delegates FC Academy teams will consistently strive for excellence in training sessions, game situations and positively represent Maryland through on-field sportsmanship and as good role models off the field.  Our Academy focuses on significant player development toward the goal of playing at the premier/senior level by focusing on the fundamental technical and tactical principles of the game of soccer.  For all of our Academy players, we offer structured training and opportunities for competitive play, while maintaining a focus on creating a sound technical base for the individual.  For our younger players, we introduce soccer, the world’s most beloved sport, and teach our children in a fun-filled and physically healthy environment the necessary fundamental soccer skills. We also focus on general motor and movement skills.  SDFC is committed to the development of players within the program, both skill-wise and personally. The combination of talented, dedicated players; supportive parents; quality coaching/training; and strong management equals a successful program.


SDFC is dedicated to the development of soccer players to the highest level possible. Because of that goal, SDFC must maintain standards that enable the Academy, coaches, and players to participate in what is considered the highest level of youth soccer. Participating at the highest level of competition requires ability, commitment, and behavior that go far beyond that of a recreational focus. 

SDFC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations and Memberships are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. 

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