SDFC Official Membership provides a wide range of benefits including exclusive content, competitions, retail stores and everything you need to be part of this soccer family.


SDFC official membership brings you even closer to the club you love. Wherever you are in the US, there’s a Membership for you, which connects you to this soccer family.

SDFC will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime experience with our Official 2019/2020 Membership.


SDFC Official Full Membership is the perfect way to get closer and support your club in 2019/2020.

Full Membership benefits include official club gears, a quarterly Digital Magazine, plus the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our rising stars.

It’s everything you need to get closer to the family only at $350 JOIN NOW  OR DONATE NOW


SDFC Official Light Membership option still gives you a connection to the club you love.

Light Membership benefits include 50% discount in our official stores and online, a quarterly Digital Magazine, plus the opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime experience with our rising stars.

You’ll have everything you need to follow the Delegates in 2019/2020. Join now for $250 JOIN NOW OR DONATE NOW



There’s an SDFC Official Membership for Delegates of all ages. With Little Liver (0-3 years), Mighty Delegates (4-11 years) and Teen Delegates (12-16 years) there’s a membership for everybody to show their loyalty and be part of the family.

Get SDFC Official Membership for your Junior now and welcome them to the SDFC Family.

LITTLE LIVER (Recommended for kids 0-3 years)

If you’ve got a little Delegate in the household, or know someone who has, then this is the Membership for them.

Little liver is our starter Membership and lasts until our new fan reaches 3 years of age. The 2019/2020 welcome package includes a sponge, bath book, a rubber duck and a soft soccer ball. Join now as a Little Liver for only $19.99 JOIN NOW OR DONATE NOW


SDFC Official Mighty Delegate Membership gives young Delegates aged 4-13 years old everything they need to support the Club they love. Might Red Membership receive a fantastic Membership welcome park full of SDFC goodies worth over $29.99

Your junior will receive an official birthday and Christmas card (dependent on the date of purchase) and they will receive quarterly digital Magazine.

Might Delegates receive a 20% discount in our official Club stores, as well as the opportunity to attend our soccer academy. This young Delegates also have the chance of being an SDFC mascot. Join now as a Might Delegate for only $24.99 JOIN NOW OR DONATE NOW


SDFC Official Teen Delegate Membership gives supporters aged group 14-19 the perfect way to get closer to the Club they love in 2019/2020.

Teen Delegates receive a welcome pack that includes an SDFC backpack, Water bottle and Keyring!

Your teen will get access to exclusive content and Competition within the Members’ Area, as well as been sent quarterly Digital Magazine and an SDFC Official Birthday and Christmas card. Another benefit is the 20% discount on our official Club store. Join now as a Teen Delegate for only $29.99 JOIN NOW OR DONATE NOW

SDFC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations and Memberships are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. 

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