Volunteer with SDFC Academy and spend time helping young people have fun and challenge themselves.  Soccer has the capacity to change lives. Alongside promoting lifelong health and fitness, soccer can offer young people a path towards confidence, self-belief, and achievement. You’ll be helping young people improve young people’s wellbeing, while they develop important skills like teamwork and communication.

 What are the time commitments? 

A typical SDFC Academy Soccer recreational team will have two practices a week for an hour, depending on the age group. A season is usually 8 weeks of games, mostly held on Saturdays (although there are occasional Sunday afternoon games).

I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a head coach…can I just help with a team? 

Yes! When registering, there is an option to select ‘assistant coach.’ Coaches are also able to ‘co-coach’ with another coach.

How do I get gear?

Once placed with a team, each head coach is given an equipment bag complete with cones, discs, pennies, balls and a first aid kit if they don’t already have one. More information will be given to you after registration.

Where will my team practice? 

Teams practice will be held at Cross Creek Club Local Park, Silver Spring. For the senior teams, practice locations may vary based on field availability.

Can I coach my kid? 

Yes! To coach your child’s team, please add your child’s name in the appropriate team during coach registration.

Do I get a discount for my kid's registration if I coach?

Yes! A $25 credit is given to all head coaches for them to use on their child's recreational soccer registration the following season.

I know that I won’t be available every weekend to coach. Can I still be a coach? 

Yes! Please register as a head coach. Once complete, communicate with your team manager that you need an assistant and we will find someone to work with you! Parents on the team also make great 'sub' coaches for the occasional missed practice or game!

Any resources to help me become a better coach? 

Yes! Please contact the Director of Coaching for more information.

What are the rules?

Special rules for each age group will be provided.

Other questions? 

Please contact Kenneth Vega, Director of Coaching.

SDFC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations and Memberships are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. 

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